Pictures from the Past
Ten Mile Stand
Meigs Co, Tennessee
Ten Mile Stand got it's name from the Stand (Store) pictured below.  Some say it got it's name from the river that is about ten miles long.  I doubt it, as some of the oldest residents in town remember it was called Ten Mile Stand, now shortened to just Ten Mile.  Sub communities have strange names like "Surprise" , "Regret", " Blackwell Springs and Corner".

Einstein said the arrow of time flies in only one direction.  Faulkner, being from Mississippi, understood the matter differently.  He said the past is never dead; it's not even past.  All of us labor in webs spun long before we were born, webs of heredity and environment, of desire and consequence, of history and eternity.  Haunted by wrong turns and roads not taken, we pursue images perceived as new but whose provenance dates to the dim dramas of childhood which are themselves but ripples of consequence echoing down the generations.  The quotidian demands of life distract from this resonance of images and events, but some of us feel it always.

Meigs Co Courthouse-Decatur
Civil War Reunion abt 1878
Amanday's School at the Iron Bridge, Ten Mile, TN
from Edna Shearrman's collection

Jim Foster
from Edna Shearrman's collection
Alf Humphreys family
from Edna Shearrman's collection
Maude Cooper (center) and Mag and Amanda Buttram
from Edna Shearrman's collection
John asleep at the wheel
from Edna Shearrman's collection
Carrol Family
from Edna Shearrman's collection
Nettie Woody, Amanda Sherman, Hattie Walker
from Edna Shearrman's collection

The Griffith Family about 1895
Front LT-RT James T Griffith, Ocea, Amanda Foster
Back row Neta, Ethel, Sallie, Maggie, Amanda & Will Griffith
From Edna Shearman's Collection
Watson Family Sweetwater, TN
Edna Shearman's Collection
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Miss Edna and sister Anna
Miss Enda & Joyce June 2011
Quilt displayed at the Meigs Co Hist Museum
Cherish your past....
Sharp House, Ten Mile, Tn
by Joyce Knaepen 2011
Front Row: Lindsey Matthews, Martha Jane Blackwell, Wm Cash or L Matthew ?
Back Row: Jennie Cash, Hiram Wattenbarger, Robert Talton Matthews?
William N Cash Sr. 1837-1908  Martha Jane Blackwell-Cash-Mathews' 1st husband of Ten Mile, TN
Swafford Store Ten Mile, TN
Meigs Co Hist Museum

Newton Rd Cabin
By Joyce Knaepen 2009
Meigs Co Courthouse Civil War Reunion 1878
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Rhea Co
Monroe Co
Washington Co
Ten Mile Stand Store
from Mrs. Enda Shearman abt 1890
by Joyce Knaepen 6/2011

Started Jun 17, 2011
Mt. Zion Congregation about 1906
First Row: LT to RT
Nora Cavett, Ethel Cavett, Mattie Cavett, Alen Jones, Oscar Wattenbarger, Jim Cavett, Mrs. James Cavett Sr.
Second Row:
Neil Jones, Bea Neuman, Betty Cavett, Bobby Cooper, Flora Carrett, Lees Cavett, Ethel Wattenbarger (last member of the church, who closed the church about 1938 after the Ned & Sally Blackwell died, 2nd to last memebers of the church), Mrs. Jim Wattenbarger (Rhoda).
Third Row:
Fletcher Fitch, Hugh Wattenbarger,  Bill Carrett, Oscar Ball, Jess Cooper, Carl Cavett, Sam Carrett, John Grant, Fred Wattenbarger, Mae Murray, Mrs. Tom Fitch,
Fourth Row:
Lee Housley, Frank Cooper
Fith Row:
Tom Barner, George Ball, Susie Thompson, Pearl Allen, Minnie Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Elish Thompson, Joe Cooper
Sixth Row:
James Wattenbarger, Gid Baldwin, James Cavett, Fred Gallant, Jess Neuman, Tom Fitch.
<---   plus the Dog
From Pat Ingram's collection
Blackwell row
Farrell row
Insert Amanda Brandon's - Redmond's quilt.
Quilt displayed at the Meigs Co Hist Museum
Mt Zion Church  1830
Ten Mile, TN
Amanda Brandon-Redmon's Quilt about 1860